Gallus Consulting Business and Technology Consultancy

We provide a range of real-world services that advance the way our customers work and enable them to deliver maximum benefit from their technology investments.

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Why Gallus

Gallus is a team of experienced business and technology advisers that have made a significant difference for many leading South Island organisations.

Every day we put our collective experience to good use, whether that is delivering outcomes for our customers or looking for great people to add to the Gallus team.

Experience matters

We believe "experience matters" and the team have built their knowledge and skills over many years.

A trusted partner

Our customers trust the team at Gallus because we do what we say and have a track record of delivering great outcomes.

Value for money

Gallus focusses on delivering for our customers through a winning combination of cost, quality and time to benefit.


The know-how you want when you need it.

What We Do

We help our customers get more from technology, we pragmatically incorporate proven global methodologies into our approach and continually look to develop and certify our team's capabilities. We incorporate behaviours, techniques, and ways of working that are proven and we know work for our customers.


Strategic know-how and guidance to deliver corporate strategies and organisational change.

Business & Operations

Expertise and skilled resources to assess and improve your organisation's performance and continuous improvement capability.

Digital transformation and change

The expertise to help business adopt the right digital technology and successfully transform their existing systems and ways of working.

Sales and Marketing

Assessment and change advice that enable organisations to adopt world-class sales and marketing behaviours that grow revenues and improve customer satisfaction.

Talent Pool

We focus on bringing into our collective the best Advisers, Project Managers and Business Analysts we can find.

Change Management

We improve project outcomes with proven change methodologies and skilled advisors.

Gallus Consulting Expert Team

Our Talent Pool

We spend a lot of time searching for great people to bring into our talent pool. For Gallus, it has and still is about having great people, getting things done and having fun doing it.

We are 100% focused on these goals so we cannot afford to compromise. During our continual search for great people, everything is taken into account, personality, capability and experience are all important as we are in any customer relationship for the long term.

People join Gallus for many good reasons, all make use of a variety of support mechanisms, that remove much of the pain associated with being a small business. Most remain within the collective for a long time, they stay with us because they enjoy the work challenges we provide, along with the collegial support and mentoring they gain within the Gallus environment.

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