Experience Matters

Gallus is a team of experienced business and technology advisers that have made a significant difference for many leading South Island organisations. in the South Island.

Every day we put our collective experience to good use, whether that is delivering outcomes for our customers or looking for great people to add to our collective.

Applying experience in the right way can make all the difference to a customer outcome. A good example of this is that we supplement all our customer engagements with an experienced Gallus mentor, none of our consultants works in isolation. We have found that doing this lifts the quality of the work and outcomes for our customers along with providing quality assurance for our customers. All our consultants are encouraged to call upon anyone in the organisation for support and guidance, they often do, and our clients are better for it.

These simple behaviour principles ensure our combined knowledge is put to good use and working together in this way we solve challenges faster and our consultants are more capable and confident than working as individual contractors.


Value for Money

For everyone at Gallus, the best review we can get is when a customer says we have delivered value for money. Value for money, according to Gartner, can be measured in two ways, the return on the investment (ROI) or the value of an investment (VOI).

The traditional approach to evaluating a consultant's performance is typically, was the work delivered on time and did we meet the budget and quality expectations?

When evaluating the total value of any Gallus investment, it helps to have a deeper understanding of the impact our work has on an organisation. Comprehension of the way we work with a customer means we appreciate how important it is to do more than deliver the right outcomes. In all our engagements we strive to leave our clients with more than just the outcome, we find that this extra effort leads to greater value and an enduring relationship.


We are practitioners, we are not a contracting agency

Gallus is a practising consultancy, all our partners and associates are seasoned professionals.

You can call upon an individual or ask us to create a team to deliver a specific outcome.

Being practitioners means we are accountable for the work we do. We stand behind the quality of our work, our people. We continually monitor performance and ensure we do what it takes to deliver the required outcome.

Unlike a contracting agency, we incorporate standards across our methodologies, we certify our collective team when and wherever we can, we don’t leave individuals to work in isolation for our customers but offer a more integrated service with QA and support for our team and customers to ensure we deliver.


A commitment to the South Island

Gallus is a South Island business, we have no ambitions to be anything else.

Organisations in our part of the world continue to struggle to secure the skills they need to get the jobs done.

Our customers reach out to Gallus when they need something delivered on time and delivered well. They have problems to solve and coming to Gallus they know they will get access to the support they need. Most are increasingly working at a pace where there is never enough available resource and or the appropriate expertise. This shortfall directly affects their organisational performance. That is the reason they come to Gallus they need the resource now and will not accept mediocrity. Our value is having the capability to meet shortfalls quickly with a trustworthy, capable resource for any project or organisational change.