Gallus provide strategic consultancy to support our customers in delivering their corporate strategies and organisational change. This includes, but is not limited to, business case development, strategic reviews of business functions, creating strategies for particular areas to defining enterprise architecture (process, information, technology) directions, roadmaps and mentoring of key staff.

All our people are experienced at engagement and stakeholder management at the CX and senior management level. In our strategic consultancy assignments, our focus is very much advisory rather than overseeing implementation.


Business & Operations

Gallus’s business consultants help clients improve the performance of their operations. We do this by undertaking agreed activities which typically start with research right through to sourcing and hands-on implementation of business transformation. We specialise in Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Procurement, Supply Chain and ICT enablement.


Information Technology

Gallus technology consultants focus on helping clients with the design, development, implementation, and organisational wide acceptance of technology. We offer a range of technology services for sourcing reviews, operational improvement, architectural reviews, BCP and DR planning to the mentoring of IT staff.

We also provide a range of capabilities to support our clients with managing technology and business transition, implementation and change. From the business case development detailed planning, change readiness assessment through to the analysis and the delivery, of the solution. We have several experienced Business Analysts, Project Managers and Change Managers within the Gallus network.

Within the collective, we have specialists in process mapping who work with our clients to create and change business processes that improve quality assurance, reduce risk and support business continuity.

We also have data scientists who can help an organisation collect, understand and leveraged its structured and unstructured data to improve organisational decision making and ultimately its performance.


Sales and Marketing

Gallus consultants also work with sales and marketing teams and use proven methodologies that assess and measure the organisation's sales and marketing performance and presenting solutions for improvement.

For most of our sales and marketing assignments, the relationship typically doesn’t stop after the assessment and recommendations, often the Gallus consultant continues to be a valued advisor working with clients to develop and implement sales and marketing improvements.


Project Management & Business Analysis

A project is the execution of change for an organisation. Project initiatives typically touch many parts of an organisation and typically this includes internal and external stakeholders. Most projects involve thousands, if not, millions of dollars. All too often organisations overlook how important it is having an experienced and capable people scoping and executing a project.

At Gallus, we know that project success is directly proportional to the capabilities of the Project Sponsors, Project Managers, Business Analysts working on the project.

In our part of the world, finding experience business-aligned Project Managers and Business Analysis can be a challenge. They are hard to employ because most prefer to work as independent contractors, that is where Gallus come in.

Gallus know we need great planners, strategists, communicators, change specialists while being financially astute and logically minded. Ultimately you need a great allrounder who is good with people and will add value to your organisation.

Gallus's will not compromise on capability, all our Associates are vastly experienced, skilled and proven. Working with Gallus means through engaging with our project managers and business analysts you have removed considerable risk and doubt as to whether you have the right people delivering your projects.


Change Management

Delivering business change is hard, delivering project outcomes and realising the benefits is challenging. At Gallus, we understand this and this is why through our Change team we have the capability and capacity to help our clients to develop their change capability to better manage change over time and consequently improving project outcomes and acceptance by key stakeholders.

Our consultants are certified in a world-renowned change methodology. Gallus consultants work with our customers before, during and after the change. When a company is going through change it will come in various ways. Gallus change consultants ensure our customers are well prepared and can manage change effectivity, resulting in many positive and valued outcomes.